Thursday, January 23, 2014

I won't be stepping on this mat this year....

But not because I didn't try. I did. My friend Kelly and I decided it was a good time to take the leap and apply to Amazing Race Canada Season 2. Although we didn't make the cut this time, it was such fun applying.

We got together twice for our application - two more times than we would have in normal circumstances. We not only reflected on our friendship, but discussed it. And, we told each other why we're friends and what we like about each other. Such a boost to a friendship.

Going through the process reminded me of an exercise I did in grade 8 or 9 health class. Every girl in the class wrote her name on a piece of paper and then sent it around the room. Everyone had to write one positive word or what she liked about each person. Then we each got back our own piece of paper filled with good things about us. At a time when a girl is most awkward, self-conscious, with plummeting self-esteem, that piece of paper held such awesome power. I kept mine handy for the remainder of junior high and into high school. Periodically I'd look at it and feel less like the dweeb that I sometimes felt. I haven't seen it in years; it's probably still in the box packed up from my old bedroom. I hope it is because I'd love to come across it someday. 

What I found interesting about that exercise is how serious just about every girl took it. (I reserve judgement on the girl who wrote "knees" on my sheet.) For some of the girls I found it hard to think of something - not because there was anything wrong with them - but because I didn't really know them. However, even then, it only took a bit of thought to come up with something about them. Such a good lesson in finding the positive and being a giver.

Anyway, applying for Amazing Race Canada was not unlike that piece of paper. I'm friends with Kelly and have confidence in our friendship, but it didn't hurt to spend a moment about why we're friends, what our strengths are together and individually, and what we like best about each other. Except this time it wasn't so much a confidence boost as it was a real boost to our friendship. As life moves on it's easy to lose touch with friends, but this became a great reminder to me that I want to really make the effort to stay friends with Kelly.

So thank you Kelly! And ready to apply for Season 3?

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  1. Cool! My Rare One and I didn't apply because under the stressful conditions of the Amazing Race, we'd kill each other. We know our limitations, LOL!