Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Photo A Day Continues

Almost one month in and I'm still going strong - although I did have one night that I leapt out of bed while reading in order to get my photo. And, I did use my cell phone camera on my scrapbooking weekend away.

There's lots I like about this project:
  • I've taken photos I never would have taken. Actually, most of them I probably wouldn't have taken.
  • I remember to use my camera. It's usually around, but now I have to consciously pick it up every day.
  • I'm spending more time on thinking about what I'm doing, what settings I should use, and how to improve the photo.
Most, if not all, of the photos could likely be improved. But, these photos are mine, they do reflect my life, and most important of all, they are better than no photos at all.

Here's the last three weeks:

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  1. I love all the detail shots Tracy. I loved doing Photo A Day!! This book is going to be awesome when you get it back!