Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two on Tuesday

1.    More than once I've thought how very interesting it would be to go back in time to family gatherings, or mom's kitchen, or even just the dinner table to watch the goings on as an adult. To hear the subtext, to see the looks, to see people as they actually were rather than maybe hear about them now through another, or to speculate.

Although this blog can't provide that type of experience for the kids, I do hope that it will give them a bit of a look into my life and thoughts right now so that some day they won't have to rely on others to hear about me, and maybe to give them more to add to their future speculations.

As part of this greater goal, I'm going to try to blog a bit more and with any luck Two on Tuesday will help. Two things to record are not very many, and I'm quite certain I can come up with something at least every few Tuesdays. The two things needn't be related, they just need to be on my mind.

Now for #2.

2.    Because we chose to put the kids in French Immersion, I sometimes feel disloyal to our neighbourhood school and a little bad that the kids aren't walking to school but instead take the bus. And then we have a morning like this morning - almost perfect.

We have anywhere from two to seven kids catching the bus at our stop. This morning there were six. And it's warm compared to the weather over the last while. And the snow has been plowed into tidy windrows waiting to be picked up and carried away. And the bus was late.

The result: Quite a bit of playtime in the windrows and some building going on with huge chunks of packed snow. Sure the kids will have been late for school, but this kind of wait for the bus is totally worth it.

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