Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two on Tuesday

1.   My sides still hurt from laughing so hard at my scrapbooking weekend away. It was a delightful weekend with a good friend, crazy and fun other women (whom we'd never met, but felt as though we knew by Sunday), a fabulous chef, a comfy bed in a dark and quiet room, and wine. And because atmosphere is everything, this was our eating/drinking/hanging out room:

Can you tell it's a hunting lodge come the fall?

Everything was so great we tentatively booked ourselves for the same weekend next year.

2.  I've found January tough. For some reason the darkness in the morning and at the end of the day has been getting to me. It just seems wrong that the kids hop on the bus before sunrise, and that the sun sets shortly after getting off at the end of the day -- and we're one of the stops closest to the school!

However, we've reached a turning point. Now the sun rises about the time we stand at the stop. This morning the street lights turned off just as we got to the stop. The sky is bright and turning a nice blue. Now the days only get longer and soon we may even see our shadows on the walk to the bus. Combined with the few days of warm weather I now see an end in sight for winter. Oh I know there's going to be more snow and plenty of cold left before spring actually arrives, but spring will come.

Time to start my day. Enjoy yours!

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