Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Wrestler: First Tournament

I know virtually nothing about wrestling. But my niece wrestles. Her dad wrestled for years both at the university level and internationally. He then went on to coach the university team for a number of years and gained international experience. 

After my niece started wrestling, my sister told me that Eamon would probably quite enjoy it because practice was in a room of wall to wall mats. These mats also extend half way up the walls. Eamon seemed keen, and my niece would be one of his coaches, so we signed him up.

After a few months of practice (or "training" as Eamon calls it) Eamon got to test out what he's learned in his first tournament. 

I wasn't sure how Eamon would react. While he's all boy, there isn't that much aggression in him. I wondered what he would do when the first boy grabbed his legs to throw him to the ground, but then continuing rather than stopping like they do in practice.

Turns out, Eamon loved every moment of it. He smiled the entire time, used the moves he's learned, bounced around, loves his medal, and talks about it, a lot.

The tournament was terrific. He wrestled against kids his age and had three matches. Best of all: no point taking. No doubt every kid walked away feeling like he won, or at the very least, scored a bunch of points.

Here is at the very start of his first match:

After his first match. By this point I could breathe easy. He was enjoying it, and holding his own quite well. 

Eamon really did smile the entire time. He almost looks as though he wasn't trying, but he worked hard to get the kids down.

I don't think Eamon really understood that a pin wouldn't get you the win in this tournament. He clearly thinks the kid is pinned and is looking at the ref to announce the winner.

Even though a few days have passed, he continues to talk about it excitedly - the moves he used, how the coach helped, what he thought he did right, what maybe didn't work so well. So very much to say. All that, and a medal. Who could ask for more.

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