Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two on Tuesday: February 11

1. Very little to report since our lives are consumed by the Olympics. Someone turns on the tv first thing in the morning, and it gets turned off at night. The kids are now at an age where watching the events is fun. Meaghan discusses the morning events with kids at school. Eamon mimics the ski jumpers and practices his take off. He also now wants to start snowboarding and believes he knows exactly how to do it because he's been watching. Gotta love that confidence.

2. The other thing that's exploded in our family room is the Rainbow Loom and its bands. There are little rubber bands everywhere. And bracelets. And drama if a band accidentally comes off a peg. Meaghan is making more bracelets than she'll know what to do with. But I do love her new look of 3-4 bracelets per wrist. Plus, it's such a bonus that she has this craft that she can do all on her own without any help from me.

Now back to my Olympic viewing....

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