Monday, March 10, 2014

Daylight Saving Time

The only people who look forward to and enjoy springing forward to Daylight Saving Time are the people with kids that wake up super early. 

Eamon wakes up before 6 am. Well before 6 am. Usually he crawls into our bed sometime before 5:30 and starts to talk about everything on his mind - or at least what he views as important at that moment.  After about 10 minutes of chatting, he's ready to hop up and play.

Meaghan sleeps a bit later, but she too is awake and out of bed by 6am most days, but no later than 6:30. 

But that was before the time change. 

Now, after moving the clock an hour ahead yesterday it's felt as though they have slept in. This morning, Eamon crawled into bed to chat at 6:15. Meaghan waited until 6:45 to get up. So while most of you feel as though you lost an hour on the weekend, I actually feel like we gained one.

I doubt this "sleeping in" is going to last very long, but for the moment, I'm going to enjoy it and pretend that the every morning at 5 something days are done.

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