Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Two on Tuesday - March 3

1.  I can't believe it's snowing this morning! We've had such cold weather over the last while. Yes, it' been broken up a bit with some nice days, but there have been too many indoor recesses, and too many days with a windchill that keeps people inside. And now the snow. Eamon, a 6-year-old boy who should be excited by the snow, looked out the window and let out a long groan asking when spring is coming. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that at the very least, the weather warms up to the point where the kids can go outside at recess.

2.  But in happier news: Finally. The pink toilet is gone. It came with the house and none of us have been too keen on it. Now, a few years after moving in, we've had it replaced. The rest of the bathroom looks pretty shabby now up against the new shiny bright toilet. So, slowly, bit by bit, we'll get rid of the yellow sink, and the tub with its surround. That and a coat of paint will make the whole thing look quite fabulous and I'll wonder why I didn't get to to sooner.

Happy Snowy Tuesday!


  1. A pink toilet and a yellow sink? Ayechihuahua!

  2. No more pink toilet! Hooray for something to be excited about this winter. I've had my fill of the snow and extra-cold temps too. Roll on spring! And yes, maybe work on getting that yellow sink out next!

  3. Oh come on now...somebody thought a pink toilet and yellow sink were the 'in' thing at one time.
    Could be worse, have you seen watermelon bike helmets?....yikes!!!