Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo a Day Update

I have managed to keep up with a photo day so far this year. I had planned on using my DSLR every day, and taking time to try practice my photography. However, on some days life has sped by too quickly and I've relied on my phone. While I may not be working on any photography skills on phone days, I am capturing our every day life in a way that I wouldn't otherwise. And since I'm not scrapbooking quite as much as I have in the past, I'm happy to be recording some of the moments that may never make it to a scrapbook page.

Once the year has finished, I plan to make a photobook. Although I would love one photo per page  I don't really want a book that is 365 pages long. Perhaps if I were filthy rich I'd splurge on such a book, but alas, that is not my current financial situation. Given that money matters, I am scrapping the pages a week at a time with seven photos on each page.

I'd originally started with a kraft background and was quite happy with it. However, as a couple of black and white photos made their appearance I simply did not like them on the background. I thought I could get over it, but I couldn't. The photo that bugged me the most was the one of Meaghan below. I quite liked the photo, but didn't like it at all on that background.

So, while Kerry was out of town this week I changed up the background of every week to darken it, which led to a change in font colour. A fairly quick fix, and far easier to do in April than come December. I'm quite thrilled with the outcome and think the darker background was definitely worth the extra effort.

I've also changed the paper for the date box. I'm going to use a different paper for each month so that I don't start hating on particular piece by the end of summer.

I've tried different projects over the last few years. But I hit this time and year and interest begins to wane. That hasn't happened so far this year. I'm still excited to be taking the photos and adding them to the pages. Hopefully now that I have a background I like with all the photos and the template set up for the week, it will be an easy task to add the photos every few days. 

Here is my most recent layout:

112 days down. 253 days to go.

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  1. Congrats on staying so up to date on POTD. It's such a great project! I really like the darker page background. It looks really striking. Your book is going to be a treasure Tracy!