Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer of Fun

I seem to have dropped off the face of the Earth. I haven't. I've been busy with my participation in the sandwich generation. The generation with young kids at home and aging parents elsewhere.

At the beginning of April my parents both decided to have their first major health issues at almost exactly the same time. I'm happy to say that Dad seems to have gotten his sorted out with a variety of medication. That sounds so easy, yet it took two week-long hospital stays, and a couple of trips to the ER. So glad he's doing better.

Poor Mom is a different story. She is not doing so well. She's had three cycles of chemotherapy since the beginning of May. Stairs in her home became such a challenge so suddenly that she and dad moved into the dining room on our main floor for the last two cycles. She is currently in the hospital recovering from a bout of septicaemia. Possibly her last round of chemotherapy waits for some strength to return to her battered body. A tough road awaits her whether she gets that final round or not.

Meanwhile, I go from quite positive to quite overwhelmed. Sometimes within minutes of each other. Fortunately, I have a couple of fantastic babysitters and a gaggle of such wonderful friends that I know the kids will be ok as the summer progresses. Despite this cloud hanging over our heads, I have the goal of making this the "Summer of Fun!" for the kids. They've made a waterside in the backyard with the garden hose and slide, they've slept in our trailer quite a few nights, they get to play Minecraft every single day, we've already gone to a movie, swam in an outdoor pool, and done some other things that we would normally never do, or would take us all summer to get to. Even though school has only been out a couple of weeks and I feel I've hardly been around, the kids have been busy and are happy.

Despite what lays ahead over the next months, I'm pleased I have the kids to remind me that summer should be fun, and to have fun and to laugh every single day. I'm doing a summer album again with one photo per page per day (it looks exactly like it did last year, and the year before, which is just like the page at the top). I've already noticed that this project has kept me focused on our Summer of Fun. I want the album to be a record of the laughs and the fun the kids had this summer - not the bad news, not the visits to the hospital, not the tears, but of all the good things we squeezed in between.

Who knows when I'll get around to posting anything again, but do know that despite the chaos and sadness enveloping our lives right now, we are having bouts of big laughter and fun every single day.


  1. So sorry to hear about your mom. Sending all my positive energy your way!

  2. Aging parents face so many difficult and often unfair challenges. Sending best wishes to them and to you as you help them. You're wise to balance the hard realities via some lighter fun with your kids. Take care.