Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Planner

I'm a planner and I make no apologies for being that way. When I plan things chug along smoothly. Kids are well fed and rested. We see friends, do things in town, and have some important down time at home. We are happy.

However, the planner is getting her butt kicked this summer. With Mom being ill, and now in the hospital, the planner in me is having a tough time planning. My child care plans chug along quite nicely every week with the help of two sitters, one niece, and a variety of friends, but there my planning ends. Actually, my planning doesn't end there, but my planning that actually works out does.

It seems as though every few days since Mom was admitted three weeks ago we hear of her impending discharge. It's great that discharge is discussed, but on that discharge some arrangements need to be in place. Easy arrangements to make for the most part, but when do we make them? The planner struggles with this rather important ever-changing factor. 

She and Dad want to return to Lloydminster where they have a new home that will suit their health requirements. But will she be discharged in Edmonton, or transferred to the hospital in Lloydminster first? Will it be tomorrow, Friday, next week, or in two weeks? Should I start looking for someone to help them in their home now in case it takes some time, or should I wait? Do I keep our eye appointments for Saturday, or should I change them now in case we're in Lloydminster helping Mom and Dad get settled. What about one of Meaghan's appointments for next week? I don't want to forget to cancel or cancel on super short notice. The list goes on.

While those of you who are not planners think I'm crazy and uptight, well, I am. But as I said at the outset, life runs smoothly when I plan and I like a smooth-running life. As with everything in life, it will work out because everything always does. But in the meantime, the planner needs to take a deep breath and relax and maybe just accept that not everything can be planned very far in advance.

Perhaps this summer will be good for the planner.

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