Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Carousel Selfie

In looking at old photos recently, I noticed that I hardly have any photos of my grandma later in her life; nor do I have many of mom. Even though they didn't like their own looks, some photos capturing their looks would be such a treat to have. 

Few people like how they look in photos, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be in them. The only person who doesn't see and know what you really look like is you! Everyone else knows exactly how you look and photos of you don't look shocking to us because (surprise!) that's how we see you every day (Admittedly, bad and unflattering photos do crop up. Destroy those and move on).

Anyway, after coming to this realization that I'm the only one who's surprised by photos of me, I've been trying to be in more photos. It's helped that Kerry uses his phone and Instagram - I can't help but be in some of those photos and often have no chance to object. Alas though, someone must have a paying job, so Kerry isn't with us throughout the day when we are out and about enjoying summer. But on one day recently, as Kerry toiled away at work, the mirror on the Fort Edmonton carousel caught my eye and three of us ended up in this selfie. Can you see me? 

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