Monday, September 22, 2014

First Day of Grade 1

Eamon, my youngest, started Grade 1 at the beginning of September. He's now in school the full day. I'm a little sad because I so enjoyed his company and being with him while Meaghan was at school. However, my sadness pales in comparison to his enthusiasm. He could hardly wait to get started with grade 1: the desk, the recesses, the full day with friends. What's not to love about it?

Now that we are into the fourth week of school, I'm pleased to report his enthusiasm has yet to wane. I'm even more pleased that he's taking the school work seriously. He's working hard at drawing in the lines - so much so that he wanted to practice this weekend. He's keen to started reading. He's excited to read to us the work he's bringing home. He also seems to enjoy learning French. He speaks the phrases he knows and tries to answer any questions I may ask him in French.

Really, I could not have written a better start for him. Given that he has so very many years ahead of him I couldn't be more pleased. 

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