Monday, March 9, 2015

Guides Camp and Daylight Savings Time

Meaghan attended a Guides camp this past weekend consisting of lots of fun outdoor activities, crafts, singing, silliness, girl power and not very much sleep. When combined with the time change Sunday morning, there were some mighty tired girls heading home. Funny how none of them looked quite as energetic or spry as they did Saturday night.

Before kids, I, like many, rather dreaded losing this hour after springing forward. But since having kids who are early risers, I've come to rather enjoy these first few days on the new time.

If we look at the old time for a moment, the somewhat unbearable wakeup time of 5:40 becomes 6:40 new time - a wake up time that makes me oh so happy. I know they've lost an hour of time, but they've lost an hour of reading and play time, not sleep. Plus, I don't have someone waking me up at 5:40, so I don't really lose any sleep either - and even if I do lose some sleep a wake up time after 6 is psychologically better. 

Combined with the fact that Meaghan got to bed early last night, I was feeling quite pleased with how our morning would go. Lots of sleep all round for everyone.

At 7 am while she still slept, I imagined a happy girl skipping down the stairs greeting me with a hug, wishing me a good morning with a lovely sing song voice. I felt beyond grateful for having early risers who only miss out on some playtime this morning rather than sleep. I was ready for the sun to start shining and the birds singing.

Then 7:15 happened.

I heard stomping down the stairs. I'm certain the lights flickered and flocks of birds fled the area. Rather than being greeted with a hug and sing song voice, I suddenly faced a crazed-looking girl who vaguely resembled the the girl in "The Exorcist" stating with much emphasis: "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP!??!! I DON'T HAVE ANY TIME TO GET READY NOW!!!!"

Hmmm. Maybe this morning won't go as planned.

Things settled by the time breakfast was over, and she got off to school without much trouble and looking good. But she's still tired. Quite tired. Getting through this entire day without drama will be a challenge.

However, I remain grateful that my early risers only missed out on playtime this morning and not sleep, for I couldn't imagine how this morning would have gone if she were even more tired.

But the Guides camp was definitely worth it.

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