Friday, March 6, 2015

Is it a 2 or a 5?

Eamon struggles with telling the difference between a 2 and 5 on a digital clock. Maybe if he thought about it for a moment, he'd be far more successful, but as it stands, he doesn't really pay attention and doesn't always get it right.

This morning I heard him rummaging around in the bathroom looking for a bandaid. I can't see the clock unless I put on my glasses. I assumed it was sometime after 5:30 since that's when he generally gets up.

Nope. Kerry pointed out it was only 2:30.

I crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

"Oh, you mean it's not 5? I thought I saw 5 on the clock?" said the perky little voice before crawling back into bed.

At least spring is fast approaching with daylight savings time and the longer days. It won't be long before he'll know that there needs to be some daylight for it to be 5, otherwise, it must be just a 2.

Go have a great weekend, and may you not wake to see the hours of either 2 or 5, but rather something far more palatable like 7 or 8.

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