Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two on Tuesday: March 24

1. It's tough painting around a toilet, but still easier than removing the toilet. Well, the removing of the toilet I can see being easy; putting it back might be a different story. So there the toilet sits while I try to cram the brush in and around everything. I wonder how much paint is on the back of that toilet.

I had a tough time finding a paint that would work in the small and cramped room with a yellowy-gold sink, vanity, tub and tub surround, and no natural light, at all. Of course, the pink-tinged cabinets compounded the paint selection problem. I decided to go with a light cream. Not what one would call bold.

Once I've finished painting by the end of today, I'll know whether or not I like the colour. Either way, I'm living with it for a while. Besides, I have the back entrance to tackle next.

2. Kerry has been in Victoria for work. No doubt he's enjoying the warmer weather, the green, and the start of the spring flowers. At least he doesn't rub it in.

I do miss him while he's gone, but it is fun to stay up late, scrapbook, watch my tv shows, and best of all -- sleep with the kids. The king size bed fits the kids and me perfectly. There is very little I love more than sleeping with them and listening to them in the night. Without this I'd never hear the giggling while they dream, the sleep talking, or know how stunningly fast they wake up in the morning. Meaghan at least shifts her legs a bit before her eyes pop open. Not Eamon. His eyes pop open and he starts talking before moving at all. 

Oh to have that energy from the get go every single morning.....


  1. Oh gawd yeah, kids have no need to suck back 2 coffees just to kickstart the old ticker in the morning!