Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Two on Tuesday: March 3

1. I've not done one of these posts in ages, but when I was doing up the Blurb book of my 2014 blog posts, the Two on Tuesday were some of my favourite posts. None of them were very long and much to my surprise, I'd forgotten many of them. The one that surprised me the most was that I was going to add RAM to our desktop computer. Me? Well, in thinking back, I not only planned to do it, I did it! 

Given that I don't remember everything I've written, I'm going to make an effort to write these on a more regular basis. It's obviously a great way to record bits and pieces of our lives that will otherwise be lost forever. 

2. I know it's great that the days are longer, but I wish these days would be accompanied by some consistent spring-like weather. I could've done without the biting wind yesterday. But, the drifts it created provided some entertainment for a young boy. At least someone doesn't seem to mind this wait for spring.

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