Monday, April 13, 2015

Best Things: Biking to School

This morning's weather report: temperature above 0°C, no wind, and lots of sunshine. Time to get out the bikes to head to school! 

I just cannot believe how much happier the kids are when we arrive at school after biking. I posted a little while ago about how we park further from the school and walk. That has had some success, and definitely beats a drop off close to the front door of the school, but it's not nearly as fabulous as biking.

Today when we arrived, both kids were beaming. Eamon had zipped ahead when he got to the bike path because why wouldn't you bike almost as fast as you can when there's no risk of getting hit by a car? Meaghan arrived relaxed and all smiles, knowing she would have a great today.

Such a fantastic way to say goodbye to each other in the morning. I can't help but be thrilled that spring has arrived.

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