Monday, April 20, 2015

Best Things: Field Trips

I feel so fortunate that our school not only values field trips outside the classroom, but that with the help of casino funds and parents the kids get so many chances to be out of the classroom to see some of the great things in our city.

Today, Meaghan is off to Grandma's House and the 1881 schoolhouse. The schoolhouse has been most talked about because they will be in class this afternoon with an 1881 teacher. They've been warned how to sit, have learned "God Save the Queen", and are ready for the 1881 schoolhouse punishments that may come their way.

Addiionally, the kids were able to dress up like 1881 schoolchildren. As tough as it might be to come up with an 1881 outfit in 2015, here's what we pulled together:

I'm beyond thrilled that she chose Laura's braids over Nellie's ringlets. Now all she needs to do is have a fun day.

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  1. Great costume! She looks like she just stepped out of the pages of "Anne of Green Gables."