Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Two on Tuesday: April 7

1. The kids have returned to school today after a glorious week off for spring break and Easter. This year we stayed home and it was such a great break for all of us. The kids played, a lot: alone, with each other, with friends, with neighbours. We read, a lot. We checked on our "Hay Day" farms, a lot. Kerry and I found, then eagerly consumed the new Netflix show "Bloodline". We watched movies. We took it easy. We now all feel quite ready to press ahead through the remainder of spring with dance, soccer and school to summer.

2. I failed to remember that today was cheap Tuesday at the grocery store - where you get 10% or 15% off your groceries on the first Tuesday of the month. Well, I did remember: when the cashier told me how much I'd saved. By that point I'd gotten the groceries I'd needed and was ready to get out of the store. Plus, I didn't have my big list of essentials that I try to wait until cheap Tuesday to buy. April always feels like a short month. I can wait until May.

Enjoy the rest of today.

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