Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm Not Ready for This....

Yesterday woke me up to the gut-wrenching truth that my kids are growing up.

With Meaghan, I know she's marching towards puberty, and I thought I was ready. But recently we've been getting some good doses of the mood swings that go from 0-60 in mere seconds. 


I knew there'd be emotions and drama, but I never quite expected the speed or intensity with which these emotions would appear. And this is just the beginning, but perhaps if I keep repeating under my breath: "It's just puberty; I'm the adult; This too will pass", we might just survive. 

And then Eamon had a girl phone him last night. He's only in grade 1! 

I don't know what I expected - ok, I do know - I expected he'd never get a phone call because today's kids don't use the phone, and when he did get a text message in grade 7 he would have better things to do than reply to a girl.

Was I wrong. He was tickled pink with the phone call, and happily chatted away all excited at this attention. They even tried to plan a playdate, which is tough without parental involvement when you can neither drive nor take the city bus on your own. He happily told me this morning that they're meeting at the playground to firm up their plans. 

Wondering how she got his phone number? I was. Turns out they exchanged them. I have no idea what Eamon sent her home with - apart from the right number - but, this is what she sent him:


I need another coffee....

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