Friday, May 8, 2015

What I'm Reading

In just over three months we are headed to South America to travel to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and likely Ecuador. But that's just the start. After Chile we're heading to Australia, and then travelling through Asia and Europe, returning home in July 2016 with 11 months of travel under our belts.

Kerry and I have been planning this next year for over four years, starting with his application at work for a self-funded leave. For almost four years he's been getting 80% of his salary. The other 20% has been tucked away in an account to which we have no access. Come August, those accumulated 20%s will be paid out to him as salary. Quite a brilliant way to fund a year off of work. With the 20% being completely out of our reach, there was no opportunity to dip into that pile of money and fritter it away.

The last few weeks have brought on more activity: choosing luggage, committing to the first part of our travels - the destinations, the flights, and where to stay - applying for visas, getting the house ready to rent, finding a renter, thinking about what the School of Tricky Nag will teach the kids, immunizations, insurance, and a few more things I haven't quite gotten around to dealing with yet.

It's been exciting and I'm going to bring you along for some of the ride: the planning, the travelling, the highs, and the lows.

But, the departure date is still weeks away, and in the meantime, life needs to be lived. So off I head to the grocery store, and then to the kids' school for fun Hip Hop performances by every class.

Have a great weekend!

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