Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Crazy of June

A few years ago June was a calm and peaceful month. Work wound down as people geared up for summer with its promises of patios, cold drinks, festivals and vacations. Then, the most relaxing June of all: the year Meaghan was born. I finished work at the start of June and had two weeks of peace and quiet before she came along. The sun shone bright and warm while I putzed about getting ready for her birth, and went out for lunch. Such good memories of that June.

Now though, June feels more like a roller coaster that moves at top speed with turns and curves and loop de loops then ends with a sudden stop the last day of school. Dance ends with a big show, soccer games and practices happen, birthday parties explode with summer kids squeezing in parties before vacations steal everyone from town. School activities include class performances, the final field trips of the year, staff appreciation day, sports day, the talent show. And the abundance of daylight hours means later nights and still early mornings.

There are simply too many fantastic activities with too little month.

But as we get swept along with the strong tide of June, I'm trying hard this month to slow down and remind myself not to look ahead and plan for summer or to pack and plan for our upcoming travels, or to care about the house that is getting more untidy as each day passes. Instead, I want to focus on everything that's important to the kids right now. The last days of school can be such fun, and I want the kids to cherish and enjoy every single activity that signals the end of the year. They will do that so much easier if I'm not dashing about cramming in things that can wait another week or so.

So this month, I reminded myself to stop and watch Meaghan dance her smiling heart out and to see the joy in her whole body at her recital; to enjoy every single soccer game with friends; to take time to discuss the Jack and the Beanstalk play, the different characters, the costumes, and the performance; to stay enthused about the talent show and to make time for the practicing so that everyone feels they have done a fantastic job come that show; and to move slowly and enjoy June and sunshine and warm weather while the craziness of June swirls around us.

But despite my daily reminder of slowing down, I'm still counting down the days to summer vacation and the number of lunches left to make: 7

Old habits die hard.

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