Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

In less than a month we head out of Edmonton to start eleven months of travelling. It's hard to believe that it's been four years since Kerry requested the leave from him job. I'm not entirely certain where the time has gone.

At this point, I feel a disturbing calm about what's left to do. 

The big thing is done. We've rented out our house to a seemingly normal family. Best of all, we've rented it out furnished so we really only have to pack up some of our personal items, my craft room, and some of the kids toys. I've made that job sound incredibly small. While it's smaller than moving house, it's certainly larger than packing for a two week trip. But, I did spend a some time this winter decluttering and moving through cupboards and closets to get rid of things we will never use again. So, when I do start working on a room, it doesn't actually take very long. The biggest jobs will be my craft room, and probably Meaghan's room. She doesn't like parting with her special things, and it turns out, everything is special.

The work that needed to be done in the house is mostly done. The plumber and electrician have both popped in to fix a couple of odd jobs that we've lived with for a long time, but perhaps a renter wouldn't be so keen to do so. I've painted a bunch of the house. Yes, after living here for almost seven years we finally painted our bedroom a colour we liked. We even sanded, stained and sealed our deck. Why didn't we do a few years ago? And, after a bit of drywalling work gets done I can then tackle the back entrance with a fresh coast of paint.

The City has come to clear our sewer drain of all tree roots. This should keep the basement free and clear of a back-up.

We've got our luggage sorted out: one suitcase and one backpack carry-on each. Some people have expressed surprise at our commitment to just one suitcase each, but pragmatism rules the day. Each kid can look after one suitcase and one backpack: two hands, two bags. An easy rule to remember in crowded airports, bus stations, train stations and other mobs of people. The last thing I want to hear is the heartbroken cry because of a forgotten bag. Plus, in the event a kid can't carry his own gear, Kerry and I can manage it with ease. Or, at least we can manage it.

This is my suitcase. All 28x15x10 inches of it. My keeper of clothes for an entire year.
And I know we'll keep it to one suitcase each because extra baggage fees may just break this bank.

Our immunizations are done, and our prescriptions are in hand for malaria and traveller's diarrhea. 

Passports that needed to be renewed have been renewed, and are slowly filling with visas we will need.

We've sorted out what Ecole Tricky Nag will look like. Fortunately given my past life as a litigator, I have the sometimes mistaken, but always confident belief, that I can become an expert in most anything within a very short period of time. Moreover, my almost unschooling homeschooling approach has been tempered by the fact I do have math workbooks for both kids from our school, and support from the school should I find I need it down the road. And let's not even dance around the fact that I'm more than willing to hire a tutor or two should we need it upon our return.

From the insurance viewpoint, we're waiting to hear how much house & contents insurance will be now that the insurance company considers us without a primary residence. A stand alone policy with a variety of surcharges will undoubtedly hurt a little. As for the travel insurance, it will also hurt the pocketbook, but will be ultimately cheaper should we need to use it for a medical evacuation or some other equally dramatic event. I need to have a strong cup of coffee in hand when I make that call next week.

Our wills are in the process of being updated and will be good to go in early August.

We've slowly been buying bits and pieces we will need (adaptors, converters, prescription goggles -- I should've gotten those years ago; so much easier than swimming with my glasses, etc).

So really, we are doing well. We only need to pack up some of our stuff, buy a few last minute things, sign our wills, finalize insurance, and see friends and family.

I just wonder how many things have slipped my mind and how many too-late nights we're going to have in the days right before we leave....

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  1. You are awesome! Can't wait to hear about your 11 months as they unfold!