Thursday, July 30, 2015

Turning a Home into a Furnished House

When we are away travelling this next year, we've rented out our house, furnished. This has made everything so much easier than trying to move an entire household into storage for about 11 months. But, we still need to pack up our personal things, and leave the closets and dressers empty. Essentially, we need to neutralize our home into a furnished house.

Let's just say, packing up - even this little amount we need to - just isn't fun. So, not surprisingly, in the last few days I've found a lot of ways, that don't include packing, to spend my time:
  • keeping up my page-a-day summer album
  • hanging out with the kids
  • meeting friends at playgrounds, for coffee, for supper, or anything else -- anywhere, anytime
  • laundry
  • drinking a leisurely morning coffee with Kerry 
  • starting, and only sometimes finishing, blog posts 
  • finishing the odd project that has sat for far too long, including but not limited to the sealing of the deck, Eamon's rag quilt made from his receiving blankets...
  • perusing AirBnB looking for places in Paris that we may or may not stay in next spring
  • sorting out insurance - and as awful as that has been it still beats packing up
  • and doing so many more things that would ordinarily fall by the wayside that suddenly seem terribly important to accomplish.
At least I see we are making progress. Dust has been disturbed (thank you sunshine for pointing that out far more clearly than I would prefer). Rooms are less full. Boxes continue to pile up. 

Only 18 days to go....

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