Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Argentine Football

Life moves at a different pace here. We decided we wanted to go to a football game here, but they were a little dangerous perhaps. After all, it was here that the fans of one team pepper sprayed the other team while the players ran out onto the field under their so-called protective cover. Who doesn't want to go to a game like this? 

I found a company that takes tourists to games. You have transportation. You have a guide. In other words, you have someone with you that speaks the language, and knows when things are going bad, so presumably, you'll remain safe. 

Sign us up.

I signed us up for a game on Saturday between San Lorenzo and Racing. It wasn't a Super Classico, but rather, a Classico. Shortly after signing up, we received an e-mail that the time of the game would be announced later this week. Odd, I thought.

Then Kerry heard that games will change at the last minute, or just be cancelled maybe.

Today, we received the following e-mail about the upcoming game:

The AFA just updated the schedule for the week and they are changing things around a bit. The Copa Argentina is running simultaneously with the regular season tournament right now and both San Lorenzo and Racing will be playing on Thursday in La Plata. 

In order to maximize their players rest the San Lorenzo/Racing game is being moved to Sunday, September 20th at 9:30 pm. There is still a good chance that this game may be moved again to Monday, September 21st. To be confirmed later in the week by the AFA...

Options for you presently: 

1. Switch to the more stable River Plate vs Lanus, Sunday, September 20th 6:15 pm kick off. River Plate is Argentina's most decorated team, very popular and currently #5 in the league.... This is our top recommendation presently. 

2. Switch to a game that will be played on Saturday, September 19th which would be either Independiente vs Nueva Chicago or Argentinos Juniors vs Boca Juniors. Pricing and match to be confirmed by our futbol manager later today. 

3. Attend San Lorenzo vs Racing Club on whichever date/time it lands. We will likely combine our guests with guests of other companies and create a conglomerate group as most guests will be switching to other games. 

4. Request full refund and be done with this madness!

How do you not love this? Can you imagine the NHL, NBA, NFL, CFL or any other league in Canada or the US, waiting to announce the start time of the game, and then just days before the game, changing the date or the time.  

We are such an uptight people. Perhaps we have something to learn from Argentine football, or, maybe not.

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