Wednesday, June 15, 2016

24 Hours in Venice

Our cruise finished in Venice. Because everyone but our kids had been there before, I was quite happy to head right to the train station to get to Rome. But, not everyone in our group agreed. So we splurged and stayed at a hotel that was close to Piazalle de Roma and the train station to keep the need to walk to a minimum.

It's an awkward place to travel with limited mobility. Taxis can't just zip up to the front of your hotel. Water taxis are expensive and only hold 4 people. Porters are everywhere and will lug your bags for you and that certainly helps, but you still need to walk with them. The water bus is quite fabulous and affordable, but you still need to walk to it. And all of this walking involves going up and over at least a few bridges. But we arranged things in such a way that Dad didn't ever have to walk too far, or over too many bridges. But he was still mighty tuckered out when we left the next day.

But, I'm so glad that we stayed! It was a quick trip, but so wonderful. We: 

Stayed at a great hotel.

Rode a gondola through the canals.

Saw a crime scene - no blood or bodies though, just a knife and some other bits.

Rode the water bus (no photo).

Visited St. Mark's Square.

Were in awe of the canals and how the water laps right up against some front doors.

Ate gelato.

Were served our aperitif by our son, the waiter.

Hung out at a café and ate a couple of great meals.

Saw the work of a baggage porter first hand - I missed seeing him on the big bridge with the little steps that goes over to the train station.

Left wishing we'd stayed longer, but so glad that we stayed as long as we did.

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