Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rome Part 1 - Saying Goodbye to Family

Dad and my sister were flying back to Canada from Rome after our cruise, so we decided to stay with them until they left.

We rented another AirBnb together, which was quirky and wonderful and huge. One of the reviews described it as like staying at your granny's house, and it was right. The apartment was large with 4 bedrooms, dated kitchen and bathrooms, a temperamental bathtub tap, and glorious old weirdness everywhere you looked. But it was fantastic.

My sister is an early riser, and always has been. In the morning she happily leapt out of bed with the kids to watch Netflix movies until the slowpokes got up.

We were only all together in Rome for a couple of days, but it gave us time:

To throw our coins into the Trevi Fountain to ensure our return.

To eat some gelato, or rather, lots of gelato. 

To accompany Grandpa to McDonalds so he could get a big American coffee, and they could get hot chocolates. While Dad totally got on board with the gelato, he just couldn't bring himself to drink the coffee.

To see some Roman ruins:

We found a tour company that drove us around for an afternoon in a small van. It was such a great way for Dad to see many of the highlights without totally wearing him out. While there was a bit of walking, it was really kept to a minimum. We may not have seen everything, and likely missed out on some things by not leaping out of the van and walking more than we did, but I don't care. Dad enjoyed it and saw way more than we would have without taking the tour. It was a fantastic way to spend our final day together before Dad and Sharla returned home.

We spent a few more days in Rome after Dad and Sharla left, but you'll read about that in my next post.

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